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Non-IT Recruiting Services

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Professional Non-IT Recruiting Services

It requires a lot of understanding of various domains and expertise in hiring when it comes to hire for Non-IT domain. We are catering to a wide range of Non-IT Industries. We have domain specialist recruiters who work on your recruitments. Please see the side bar for our domain specific skills Inventory.
We understand the need for urgency in every business. As a specialized staffing agency, we can help you attract and retain highly qualified engineers, accountants, healthcare professionals, sales executive and technical staff.

A Trusted Partner for IT Job Consultancy in India

What EVISION makes different from others

Evision specializes in delivering engineers, accountants, healthcare professionals, sales executives, administrators, production, manufacturing and technical staff. As specialists in technical recruiting, we help companies find qualified professionals get a foot in the door at great jobs. Our experienced team of recruiters specializes in Engineering, Electronics and Communications, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical , Manufacturing Industries and more.

Evision’s entire team with its vast knowledge in diverse industries offers the most hassle-free Staffing and recruitment process. Non-IT staffing services under Evision tend to provide solutions that are well optimized so that the execution of staff recursion or other operative functions are effectively managed.

Our Non-IT Staffing Services

Evision is well experienced filling non-IT positions and tends to cover important portions such as excellence in the company’s operation, well-maintained organizational standards, and business proficiency.

Our Non-IT staffing solutions are versatile and the solutions offered here are always up to meet the testimonial standard and excellence.
We are experts in solving complex hiring challenges across every industry with our vertically-integrated workforce solutions.

Industries we serve:

Accounting/Finance, Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment & Media, Hospital and HealthCare, Insurance, Machinery, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Sales & Marketing.








Entertainment & Media


Hospital and HealthCare










Sales & Marketing

Positions We Recruit For:

Here are some of the prominent Non IT positionsfor which we hire talented candidates to work at the clients’ end:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • HR Managers and Executive
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Corporate Heads
  • Finance Managers and Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Front office Executives

Hence, you can connect with us for any of your Non-IT staffing needs immaterial of your industry or the required job role.

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Sourcing Channels

We are highly connected in market and employ effective candidate sourcing methods through various channel.


Using sourcing strategies like Referral generation, Direct Sourcing, Networking, Mass Mailing to reach out to a maximum qualified pool of candidates.


Developing and managing candidate pool and updating their joining and exit dates regularly.


Attracting new candidates via networking, internal database, job portals, references, Headhunting & campus.


Maintaining relationships with both sourced and placed.


Monitor online portals and incoming emails for new job opportunities.


Candidates Candidate Management during recruitment process and after selection.


Arranging interviews and preparing candidates for interview.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Our non-IT staffing solutions are well researched and closely examined by experts.

We come up with an innovative and trending procedure in the renovation of recruitment and staffing services outlook.

Our PAN India Presence

Features of Non-IT Staffing

Automated Screening

In light of the work prerequisites, our group holds an extraordinary foundation to isolate the best of up-and-comers while fusing the customer’s solicitation.


Our improved experience acquired over the course of the years has assisted us with upgrading functional expenses for our customers. This thus has helped our customers in making financially savvy bargains.

Customized help

We have a devoted business expert taking care of your undertaking. This thus has been pointed toward keeping our customers from committing antagonistic errors while enrolling their staff, which at last will influence their benefits.

Sketch-Out Development

The group of specialists in this stage investigates open situations at the organization, their qualification rules, and expected abilities. We give enlightening conditions to a contender to meet with.

Screening and Shortlisting

Since Non-IT Staffing, involves different skills and spaces we consolidate screening of every competitor actually. Our group goes through each point as referenced in the resume and continues towards screening.

Huge Acquisitions

We are fit for giving ability in immense numbers. Our state-of-the-art Non-IT Staffing measure is flexible to screen out enormous up-and-comers while holding fast to rules.

Adaptable Solutions

Evision deliver adaptable Non-IT Staffing answers for our overall customers. This thus is useful for our customers with assorted activities and eventually boosting their benefits.

Our approach

There is a colossal ascent in the platform of mastery wanted from a representative. To guarantee our overall customer’s assumption we bring a juggernaut of Non-IT experts. Our tweaked staffing plans guarantee first-class staff is obtained. A flick perspective on our Non-IT Staffing measure is as beneath.

Manufacturing procedures

Whenever we have examined open positions, we rattle off an expected method to fill them. The Non-IT Staffing group at Esseware gets ready systems to drill down and approach the best of their ability.


Our team at Evision is knowledgeable in catering to our overall customers with quality recruits. We screen competitors dependent on aptitude, scholastic capabilities, and expert accomplishments.

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Why choose us for Non-IT Staffing?

  • Minimal Costs to extend your business in different areas
  • Experienced Recruiters to convey most extreme quality
  • Master Guidance from pre-enlistment to post-recruitment.
  • Better versatility for your product
  • Talented staff to satisfy your organization targets
  • Adaptability in administrations to offer you a by and large better insight
  • Quick Response Time over any preventions in the task

We qualify applicants through severe adherence to the customary and reliable course of multi-point contact, face-to-face talks with, tech-checks and reference checks. Our team does a solid comprehension of an up-and-comer’s abilities, inclinations, qualities, and shortcomings to guarantee the best match as far as tasks, just as to assist them with advancing their profession.

We esteem our relationship with advisors however much we esteem it with our customers and endeavor to guarantee the life span of something very similar. It is no big surprise that a huge level of our advisors come to us through representative references. Our customer’s advantage immeasurably from the nearby close-to-home relationship and faithfulness we create with our experts. So feel free to dive deeper and get success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process depends on the type of industry, employment level, and designation. However, experienced IT recruiting firms and IT job agencies like Evision can finish the entire process within 2 to 3 weeks or so. Ring us at (+91) 9811722065 or 9811722023, to get more details on your hiring duration requirement.

At Evision, we offer IT recruitment solutions or services for diverse options and industries. Contracts, full-time, part-time, consultancy, permanent placement, and seasonal employment are a few examples.

Amidst the many IT recruitment companies that focus on just filling the employment gap for job seekers, we at Evision help provide quality opportunities as per their existing talent and expertise. We also don’t go with the resume-based selection, and we take interviews, group discussions, and personality assessments quite seriously.

Our recruiting fees are evaluated based on multiple parameters such as your experience, designation, profile, hired company, etc. But overall, on standard means, all IT hiring service rates are affordable and give you the right value for money.

Yes, our IT job placement agency helps and provides job seekers to find new roles that match their skills, expertise, designation, and domain preferences. We will analyze the existing market demand, compare it accurately to your profile’s strengths and skills, to get you the best job possible.

Consultation, contractual, full-time, seasonal, direct-hire, and contract-to-hire are some of the IT Recruitment Services offered through Evision Technoserve for trainees.

Of course, yes. IT recruitment companies or consultancies are licensed firms that are established just to help professionals get the best job in the industry; as well as to aid companies to find suitable talent for their business.

IT job recruitment agencies are beneficial primarily in terms of knowledge and expertise. They will be having updated statistics about the job and market trends. Further, they may also assist the employers to brand themselves, to get talented professionals. Moreover, working with an IT placement consultancy will give you sufficient time to work on other projects, while they take care of the hiring processes.

A recruitment consultant possesses sound judgment, insights, and communication aptitude to match job vacancies with suitable job seekers. They may also provide training and recommendations as a part of their consultation to help individuals land on the perfect company.

You should contact an IT job placement agency to identify and acquire talented employees for your company. Also, you can negotiate the hiring terms and get relieved from the pressures of recruiting the right candidate. You could also connect with IT recruiting firms to find candidates faster than before.

Be it seasonal or full-time, we have diverse recruitment options for helping you get the most appropriate service package as per your needs. We are also one of the few IT job agencies that promise an open and transparent business platform. You can still know more about our team members and our service steps by contacting us at (+91) 9811722065!