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Today, recruitment is a tedious that is time and cost consuming procedure. This is where Evision Technoserve excels. we offer comprehensive & flexible RPO services that not only covers recruitment but also end-to-end HR Process Management.

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Enter a Talent Pool
We have developed our own expertise for talent hunt of skilled candidates under shortest time. We allow organizations to develop employees in areas that align with company competencies. This process ensures our clients get the right candidates before the targeted date.

At Evision Technoserve, we provide RPO solutions with all the necessary skills, tools, and technologies for recruitment process. Here, the dedicated team of the hiring and recruitment having vast knowledge on latest industrial standards, consultations with customers, and strong network of connections that address your recruitment challenges. Evision provides comprehensive solution from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development. We deliver the solutions that drive your business forward.

Why opt for our RPO Services

Our expertise on latest industrial standard, exposure to customer as well as client and promptness remains unmatched. You will get what your business requires through our recruitment process outsourcing service from experienced specialist consultant team.

• Hires Experts- Evision hires the skilled candidate for the top IT MNC that will enhance their productivity.
• Minimizes cost- Our RPO strategy empowers the companies to fill up the vacancies quickly, that basically decreases the amount of HR resources spent on sourcing candidates.
• Analytics and Reporting-We track and trace each and every stage of the hiring process that helps in real-time reporting and detailed insights for prompt decision making.
• Reduces Advertising Cost.
• Excellent Compliance Regulations.

1. Skill-based sign on-

Our recruitment team have a database suit generic or skilled candidate, that a workforce needs. Evision is No. 1 in finding talents that are best fit for our client’s criteria.

2. Time Saving-

We have structures in place to adapt at any situation. We ensure our clients get the right candidates before the set timeline.

3. Cost effective-

Being No. 1 RPO provider in India, our expert team put every effort to scale up the recruitment process at a uniform price with same quality of output for our clients.

4. Network Utilization-

We are not only just a RPO provider, but also offering recruitment services across the world. We have alliances with top 250+ companies, social networking sites, universities, and colleges. We guaranteed our services consistently exceed client expectations.

5. Customized RPO solutions-

Mainly we focus on collaborative approach and align our services to provide talents and business solutions to our clients. Taking client’s goals and objectives into consideration, we begin RPO services worldwide.

6. Real-time Reporting-

We keep database of detailed records & mapping done at each stage of recruitment in real-time reporting for our clients for each track & trace report.

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Training Services

Organisation often require training services for their employees. This is where Evision excels- we are conducting best corporate training program for professionals.

CV Sourcing

Today getting the right CV for a position often becomes a tedious challenge to organizations. After getting resume services from us, you will really feel relieved. We maintain a wide range of database of CV from where we can select right candidates for the clients.

Resume formatting services

CV formatting becomes one of the perennial needs of companies. It helps clients in recruitment process. Evision can be your ideal partner for providing the night resume formatting services.

RPO services

We guarantee our services not only limited to the client’s expectations but also exceeds them. You can fully rely on our services completely.

HR Consultancy

Clients can get a long-lasting relation through our best HR services. Outsourcing would be done as per the need of the clients and the policies of your organization.

HR Advisory solutions

Evision provides HR solutions to the companies across all the real time challenges as a disciplined recruitment process solutions provider with a professional expert team at a place.

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In simple terms, RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is where an employer transfer all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider.

A consultant can fetch an exclusive set of professional’s experience and knowledge that are needed to complete a complex scheme, experience and knowledge that may not presently exist among your associates. With a counsellor, focus and delegation is immediately render forth to your scheme from day one, which can outcome in the completion of a scheme hastily and efficiently.

RPO has reduce overall recruitment costs through faster time to hire, increase in the quality of the talent pool and a decrease in staff turnover. Not only that, you will gain valuable insights into how your brand is perceived externally, salary benchmarking and how you can streamline processes internally.